Damar International Ltd. enjoys a unique position in the world's tooling industry as a specialist supplier of quality hand tools, wire cutters, bespoke machinery, workshop equipment, health and safety equipment to a wide variety of industries. Along with catering to the specialist requirements of the UK market, the company has also embarked on an adventurous, yet highly successful, international commitment, gaining recognition as the world's leading supplier of hand tools, tool trolleys, automotive and motorsports equipment.

Stocking hand tools and tool kits from all of the major manufacturers around the world, Damar International offers the most comprehensive range of non-magnetic and non-sparking proof tooling available, exporting to over fifty countries worldwide. Popular brands available for purchase include Hazet, Sonic Equipment, BGS, Orbis, KNIPEX, Gripple, Kukko, Flott, Slidesledge, Carltsoe and more.

Damar's position in the USA is further strengthened by having its own distribution outlet, Damar Tools Corporation of St. Charles, Illinois, where stocks of the most popular DIY tools are maintained, and skilled American personnel offer technical help and back-up.

Damar International Ltd. are based in Leicester, England, with offices and a showroom on Clipper Road and a purpose-built warehouse facility on Thurmaston Boulevard. These premises enable Damar to bring together the world's finest hand tools for your selection. Demonstrations can be arranged for an extensive range of bespoke machinery and workshop equipment to suit your individual requirements.

An impressive 95% of orders for main range tool kits are dispatched the same day, earning Damar a reputation for a high level of efficiency and service. As part of our commitment to service almost any industry, we also supply fencing and gardening tools such as post drivers and garden forks, and workshop equipment for garages including torque wrenches and socket set

Damar International Ltd has also gained a massive following and credit in the motorsports world supplying some of the UKs fastest and biggest motorsports teams professional hand tools and equipment but have also been supporting young and extremely talented racing drivers.

Damar offers satisfaction at a realistic price. If you need any advice on buying the right tool for the job, consult Damar International for a friendly, helpful and reliable solution.

We can supply you with bespoke machinery, hand tools and workshop equipment for all sections of industry.

Damar International Ltd, 45 Humberstone Drive, Leicester, LE5 0RE
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420c Thurmaston Boulevard, Troon Industrial Estate, Leicester LE4 9LE
Tel. Leicester (01162) 165 128 ⠀⠀⠀ Email - sales@damar.biz

Damar Tools Corporation, 115 South 4th Avenue, St. Charles, IL60174, U.S.A.
Tel. (708) 584-5985 Telex 286745 Fax. (708) 584-2599