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Tuesday 3 July

Sonic Equipment support one of the biggest UK racing teams, Team-HARD. Racing who have four cars competing in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), Bobby ThompsonMike BushellJake Hill and Michael Caine.

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French Car Show and Vag Tuner Live 2018

Wednesday 23 May

For the 2nd year in a row, the leading supplier of the world's finest automotive / motorsports tools and equipment supplier, Damar International Ltd will be attending "The French Car Show 2018" and "The VAG Tuner Live Show 2018" at Donington Park.

Last year we attended both shows and it was a huge success and most importantly everyone had fun so of course, we will be attending this year, hopefully, bigger, better and faster!

For more information about these two massive car shows check out our facebook events below and let us know if you are attending this year, we hope to see you there!

French Car show:

VAG Tuner Live show:

Here comes the Roar!

Monday 21 May

Damar international Ltd and Sonic Equipment are pleased to partner up with one of the loudest motorsports teams in the UK, “Team HARD/ Cole Trucksport” a Division 2 British Tuck Racing Team competing in the BTRC competition.

“Mr David Martin and his team at Damar International Ltd are the U.K. agent for Sonic Tools and they are a credit to their industry providing a dedicated unrivalled service to their clients, we look forward to showing you their products and services as we enter this new partnership.” Said Cole Trucksport.

Cole Trucksport, named their machine “The Beast” a fitting name for it!

“The Beast” is a Mercedes cab, ex-Mercedes works team-built chassis truck powered by a roaring 11 litre straight six from Cummins. Running Six special racing tyres.

Cole Trucksport finished the 2017 season in 3rd place and are planning to take 1st place in 2018.

“We feel extremely privileged here at our Team to showcase to you another organisation we can actually whole heartedly recommend as the best! No Compromise Allowed” added Cole Tucksport.

The man taming "The Beast" is Simon Cole a 47 year old and from Dartford, Simon has been racing since 2011 and his favourite track is Donington Park!

We at Damar International Ltd and Sonic Equipment are looking forward to seeing “The Best” roar around some of the most demanding and fastest tracks in the UK.


To find out more about “Team HARD/ Cole Trucksport” see below:


BTRA Calendar:

Round 1: Brands Hatch - 1/2 April

Round 2: Pembrey - 21/22 April

Round 3: Nurburgring - 29 June/1 July

Round 4: Snetterton - 8/9 September

Round 5: Pembrey - 13/14 October

Round 6: Brands Hatch - 3/4 November

Team Hard gets equipped

Monday 9 April

If you follow the British motorsports scene I really don’t need to explain who “Team Hard” are, however for those of you that pay little attention to racing “Team Hard” is one of the biggest motorsports team in the UK. Team Hard runs cars in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), British GT Championship, Ginetta GT4 Supercup, Britcar and the VW cup. They have also recently ventured into British rallycross, Truck racing and Karting.

Team Hard was at the first 2018 British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) meeting at Brands Hatch over the weekend with their brand spanking new Sonic Equipment S15 Tool Trolleys after their head office was broken into the week before meeting and having 90% of their tools stolen.

Team Hard didn’t make it easy for us though only giving us 4 working days to bring in 4 of the biggest tool trolleys it was a logistical nightmare, however, we managed it and personally dropped off the tool trolleys and made sure they were happy.

Team Hard’s mechanics dived of the tool trolleys and started using the tools as soon as the plastic wrapping was taken off them, the mechanics were very impressed with the tool trolleys and tools, they also looked amazing in the pits alongside the cars.



Team Hard had a very successful weekend:


Mike Bushell: P22
Jake Hill: P25
Bobby Thompson: P27
Michael Caine: P30

Race 1:

Bobby Thompson: P19

Michael Caine: P21

Jake Hill: P25

Mike Bushell: was an early victim of contact that caused him to retire after the first lap.

Race 2:

Jake Hill: P2

Mike Bushell: P8

Michael Caine: P24

Bobby Thompson: P30

Race 3:

Mike Bushell: P5

Michael Caine: P24

Bobby Thompson: P26

Jake Hill: P29


Looking forward to the next BTCC race meeting!


Wednesday 14 February

New partnership delivers high quality tooling for important maintenance and race support work.

Castle Combe Circuit and Castle Combe Racing Club are pleased to announce a 2018 partnership agreement with DAMAR International / SONIC TOOLS.

SONIC TOOLS, now Official Tool supplier to Castle Combe Circuit, will supply the Castle Combe Maintenance team with new hand tools, tool boxes and more, to be used for everything from general maintenance to fixing Armco fencing and repairing support vehicles.

Les Rawlings, Site Manager, commented

“it is vitality important to us to use high quality and reliable tools when we are repairing Armco fencing on race days. When you are under pressure to fix important infrastructure you can’t afford to be let down by poor quality equipment”.

Tom Davis, Sales and Marketing Manager, said

“We spend a considerable amount of money on replacing hand tools on a regular basis and we have proven that using cheap is not cost effective. It seemed like the perfect fit for our brand when David from Sonic Tools approached us.”

David Martin from Sonic Tools comments,

“Partnering with a circuit like Castle Combe is a huge achievement for SONIC TOOLS. With almost 70 years of history and their need for high-quality reliable tools we were delighted to be able to work together.”

It won’t just be the circuit that benefits from a fresh new set of tools but also each of three home grown championship winners will be eligible to win a fancy new toolbox at the end of the season. Championship Coordinator, Jo Lewkowicz, commented, “It is always great to offer our competitors something to win after all their hard work throughout the season and we know how much tools can cost”.

It also intended that a small range of hand tools will be available to purchase on track days for those who need an extra screwdriver or adjustable spanner…

Find out more about Sonic Tools by visiting

New Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars

Friday 24 November

A few moons ago we announced an ongoing project that we kept under wraps for just under a year, posting a few hints on our social media accounts. Then on October the 27th we announced it to the world and man did the classic car nuts go crazy!

We have been working hard alongside TV star and petrol head Paul Cowland from the smash hit TV program Turbo Pickers and his partner in crime and treasure hunter Drew Pritchard from the massively popular TV program Salvage Hunters.

Now I know what you’re thinking a petrol head and a treasure hunter? Why are the classic car nutters going crazy? SIMPLE they have just announced their brand new tv show together, “Salvage Hunters Classic Cars”.

Salvage Hunters Classic Cars will be aired on Wednesday the 17th of January 2018 on Quest TV where Paul Cowland, Drew Pritchard and their trusty mechanic Adam Hornby will save and transform rare classic cars found in scrapheaps into gems that every classic car fan will drool over.

Quest TV even posted some sneak peeks of the new show on their YouTube channel and man oh man it looks good check one of them out below:

So that’s all well and good but why have we, Damar International got involved with this TV show?  Well think about it, we sell some of the best automotive tools and equipment on the planet so when you’re saving a classic car from the scrapheap what do you need? A big hammer, spanners, sockets, pliers and screwdrivers for a start so Paul Cowland came to us asking if we could help him out and our answer “of course we can” so we slowly but surely started to equip Paul Cowland’s garage “Landspeed” with the best automotive tools in the business from Sonic Equipment.

As so the first thing we gave Paul Cowland was a Sonic Equipment S10 Tool Trolley full of every single hand tool you need to look after and repair classic cars, including a metric and imperial socket sets. You can see mechanic Adam Hornby looking after one of land speed customers below using Sonic Tools away from the TV cameras because even TV stars need to work surprisingly enough.

/images/Palucowland use Sonic Equipment.jpg

You might catch a glimpse of this tool trolley and the tools on TV and if you wanted to get your hands on some of this top range equipment as seen on TV and used by the best In the business when it comes to classic cars then contact your friendly and professional Sonic Equipment agents Damar International Ltd.


So there only one last thing to say and that’s to remember to check out Paul Cowland and Drew Pritchard’s new TV program Salvage Hunters Classic Cars on Wednesday the 17th of January 2018 on Quest TV and make sure to set it to record in case you miss it!


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