Name: Nic Harrison

Age:47 Years Old

Date Of Birth: March 27, 1970

Nationality: British

Occupation:Owner of CGH Imports Pro Circuit

Hobbies: Motorcross

Links: CGH Imports Pro Circuit / Facebook / ARDS Profile

First competed in the UK's first BMX event held at Redditch on the 30th August 1980 sponsored by Halfords and finished 2nd in class.

Raced in the UK and Europe for many years competing in School Boy Motocross before moving onto adult motocross, the highlights including the support class for the Irish round of the World Championships, competing in the ACU British Championships and AMCA British Motocross Championship's.

After suffering for many years with Ulcerative Colitis this took over my body which prevented me from reaching my full potential due to the physical demands of motocross. I eventually had my colon removed and had a few years off from racing and I then I decided to try car racing as it is easier on my body and started with a Mazda MX5.

I competed in the Mazda MX5 race series for a couple of years but only raced around 8 times in those years.

2014 raced in the Renault Clio in the Michelin Clio Cup Road Series and finished 2nd overall (7 podiums)

2015 finished 2nd overall in the Michelin Clio Cup Road Series (7 podiums)

2016 finished 2nd overall in the Michelin Clio Cup Road Series AND won the Road Class Championship (12 podiums)

2017 competing again in the Michelin Clio Cup Road Series - Road class Champion

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