Name: Olly Turner

Age: 15 Years Old

Date Of Birth: 9th October 2002

Nationality: British

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: Cars / Motorsport / Rugby / Fitness / FILMS ++ Humour and Comedy

Links: Facebook / Website

Olly Tuner first started racing at 10 years old in short ovals in a 1/2 scale NASCAR in the UK series JASCAR (Junior American Stock Car Racing), In 2016 Olly passed his ARDS test for circuit racing at the age of 13 and a half; the earliest age you can.

Olly was a finalist in the 2017 Ginetta Junior Scholarship, which attracts the best young drivers in Europe. Olly completed a season of the BRSSC Fiesta Junior Championship alongside JamSport Racing. His 2018 plans are well underway and Damar International Ltd will be supporting this young and talented driver this season.

Racing History and current goals

  • 2012- 9 years old first time in an oval racing Junior American stock car JASCAR (essentially a covered kart with a roll cage- automatic gear box, 380cc 4 stroke engine).
  • 2013-2016 contested the JASCAR All Star Championship nationally on UK oval tracks
  • 2014- Down Force Radio under 13-year-old driver of the Year award.
  • 2015- Vice Champion in All Stars & Vice Scottish Champion
  • 2016- Scottish championship title & junior hot rod oval race - first time with h box.
  • 2016 January- test session in Fiesta Junior.
  • 2015 October-2016 March- 6-month programme at IZone performance with John Pratt training in preparation for ARDS and circuit racing.
  • 2016 April- ARDS past at 13 and a half years old, with the motorsport school- Pete Edwards.
  • 2016 October- Ginetta Junior scholarship- top 2nd day finalist having never tested/ driven a G40 or sequential/ only 5th time driving a car.
  • 2016 November- test session Renault Clio Cup
  • 2017 February- first time driving on a full circuit - Rockingham.
  • 2017- 1st year on circuits- Fiesta Junior Championship with Jam Sport Racing. Youngest and rookie in the top 10 in the championship. 9th overall. Podium at Snetterton and two driver-of-the-meeting awards.
  • 2018- 2nd year on circuits - Fiesta Junior Championship, Other testing
  • 2019- 3rd year junior formula- last year in juniors, GCSE year.

Sponsorship Infomation or Contact

As always if you are looking for a way to grow your business or brand name sponsoring young, talented and professional drivers like Olly Turner will help you do that with branding on their cars, Pictures, magazines, newspaper articles, racing coverage on Motorsports Tv, networking, social media and much much more on offer.

Please contact Olly Turner Racing on 07507 89 63 88 or email them at "" for more infomation about sponsorship or anything else.

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