Pyro's staff have been the leading forces in British Motorsport for many years. Team Pyro was formed in 2003 Its staff have over 25 years experience working within the following formulas BTCC, FIA GT, WRC, F3 and various one make national championships. Giving them a strong understanding and knowledge of the Motorsport Industry.

Pyro was formed in 2003 with over 25 years experience between the staff. Having moved into a purpose built premises, the team is constantly expanding due to its reputation, professionalism and expertise. Conveniently located in Leicestershire it is at the heart of the British motor racing scene.

Damar International the UK suppliers of Sonic Equipment enter a strategic partnership with the leading Renault UK Clio Cup team, Pyro Motorsports.

The Renault UK Clio Cup is one of the biggest and most attended races within the UK’s motorsports scene, Affordable budgets, a product high in quality, supreme technical expertise and pulsating on-track action in front of the biggest crowds and a captive live TV audience are always a recipe for success in motorsports and the Renault UK Clio Cup has got the lot.

All 18 of the Clio Cup’s races take place at the British Touring Car Championship’s high-profile events – meaning average trackside crowds of more than 38,000 people and, at every event, live free-to-air television coverage across the UK via the IVT4 channel.

No other motorsport “package” in Britain comes even remotely close to achieving such vast levels of exposure making it perfect for Sonic Equipment to grow their brand in the UK thanks to the help of Pyro Motorsports.

Team Pyro is well known in the paddock of the Renault UK Clio Cup not only for winning and winning well but also for their extremely professional set up making them stand out from the crowd and other motorsport teams.

This is perfect for Sonic Equipment as their professional products stand out from other similar brands that are already involved with the BTCC. Many of the Pyro staff have already heard and used Sonic Equipment meaning that they trust the brand being used in such a competitive environment.

As part of Damar International Ltd's strategic partnership with team Pyro, they have been provided with not one but two limited edition Project Performance tool boxes full of tools from Sonic Equipment for Pyro to use at the race meetings.

The Project Performance filled tool box is based on the Sonic S12 tool boxes and complete with 432 tools. The foam inlays are exclusively designed with a black hard cover and a new tool content which include the latest twister ratchets, impact sockets, power-impact sockets with steel ring (these are 7 times stronger than the regular versions), long extensions, reversible ratcheting wrenches, disc ratchets and much more. A tool box and contents for the best PERFORMANCE!!

Pyro has also announced that they may be entering the TRC Championship next year (2018) with the announcement earlier this month that the TCR concept will head to Britain next year, Pyro is now planning a full campaign.

Hunt believes TCR UK will be the perfect stepping stone between Clios and the British Touring Car Championship

“It’s between the budget of Clios and touring cars but the same speed as touring cars,” said Hunt. “It’s good for people who can’t afford the step up to BTCC – I think it’s a hole in the market that needs filling.” There are currently 20 TCR series across the world with some, such as TCR Germany, attracting massive grids for opening seasons.

As part of Sonic's Partnership with Pyro, Sonic Equipment will also have a presence within the new TCR championship so keep your eyes out for that.


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