Office Closing Down

Thursday 18 April 2019

We will be closing down our office on Clipper Road by the end of next month, our warehouse will still remain open.

When Damar International Ltd Started over 30 years ago computers were not really a thing as so all our paperwork was done on typewriters and the good old combination of pen and paper, due to this we needed an office to store all our paperwork.

Now, things are done on computers and most of our paperwork and information is becoming digitalized our need for an office is becoming less and less. Also, most of our staff are out of the office travelling up and down the UK or working from home.

Due to this, we have decided we will be closing our office on Clipper Road by the end of next month and move into our warehouse for the time being.

Our demand for office space is decreasing but our demand for warehouse space increasing. Due to this, we are also planning to move out of our warehouse to a new premises once we find one suitable.

We have a lot of changes going on within Damar International Ltd this is just one of the changes that will be taking place this year, over the next few months we will be putting updates out on our social media channels and websites regarding the changes taking place.

We can supply you with bespoke machinery, hand tools and workshop equipment for all sections of industry.

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