Thrustmaster is a developer and manufacturer of Joysticks, Game Controllers and Steering Wheels for PCs and video gaming consoles. With Wheels designed for experienced gamers who will pay more to have more or casual gamers who do want to spend "££££".

Thrustsmaster kindly provided us with one of their top range wheels the TS-XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition Mod, T3PA 3-pedal set and their TH8A Add-On shifter for our virtual racing sim unit alongside our other partner GT-Omega who provided us with the cockpit and chair.

Our racing sim will be taken to motorsports / racing events and shows through the year to attract more interest to our stands, Our first show "Race Retro" the sim unit was with us and was used no-stop throughout the show by young children and adults to experienced sim racers and real life racing drivers.

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