On the 7th of July 2018 we announced our first ever project car at Donington Park for the French car show and VAG Tuner Live Show. Our Volkswagen MK4 Golf GTI 1.8 turbo will be our own “toy” to take out on track and to have as a promotional car at any shows we attend.

Currently the Golf is standard apart from what is listed below. But our dream is to have our Golf GTI fully race prepared with a full spec roll cage, fire suppression system and all the rest of the bells and whistles you see on modern race cars, then maybe, one day… we can go racing?

Throughout the evolution of our project car we will be updating this page with all the numbers and all the juicy bits. We also will be partnering with some of our automotive performance and motorsports friends such as Made Motorsports, Ramair Filters, Nankang Tyres, Milltek Sports, Yorkshire Remaps, SAVS Facebook Group, and more to come hopefully. These partners will be branded throughout the car and will have their products installed in our project car.

Current Specification

- Volkswagen MK4 Golf GTI 1.8t 2001

- Front Wheel Drive

- Standard BHP 180 with a top speed of 138mph (to be checked on Dyno)

- Standard Troque 235 Nm, 173 ft-lb (to be checked on Dyno)

- Standard 6 Speed Manual Gearbox

- 17" Team Dynamic Alloys with Nankang Tyres

- Milltek Sport De Cat Downpipe and Non-Resonated Cat Back

- RAMAIR Cone Filter With Heatshield

- OMP quick release steering wheel

- Cheap ebay Coilovers *Installed by original owner*

- FORGE Dump Valve

History of The Project Golf Car

We spent a while looking for a car that fitted what we were looking for, small, quick, well looked after, decent body work and was easy enough to find performance parts for. We asked a few friends in the motorsports world if they had any ideas for a project car.

Eventuality our friends at Made Motorsports found a blue 2001 Volkswagen MK4 Golf GTI Turbo that already had a few upgrades/mods, after we saw it we fell in love and decide this is the car we wanted, we asked the guys at Made Motorsports if they could make sure it was healthy, give her a full service and a clean but most importantly she was safe for a track day at the VAG Tuner Live Show.

The bodywork of the Golf was okay for its age however the boot has seen better days so that would need replacing before wrapping, the 4 heavy Audi alloys also needed changing for some lighter Team Dynamic ones, the interior is far from perfect but that will be stripped out at a later date to make the car lighter and to make way for a roll cage, nothing has really been changed in the engine bay apart from a Forge dump valve and a cheap eBay exhaust that doesn’t sound too bad, other than that everything else on the golf seems to be standard.

When buying a used car you need to make sure it’s safe and drives like it should do especially when you are planning to take it out on track, the first thing Made Motorsports did when they had golf was a full service, a fresh change of oil, new spark plugs, new brake fluid and a check over all the major components such as the steering, sock absorbers / coilovers and brakes.

Since this is a company project track car all the work carried out on the car was done with tools and equipment supplied by Damar International Ltd.

After the service by Made Motorsports we wanted to put it though a MOT just to double check that the car was safe and currently road legal, at this stage the Golf currently is a standard road car apart from what the original owner had added, so it should pass with flying colours and guess what? … It did!

We also replaced the boot door as original one was rusted beyond repair.

Wrapping the car was very import for us, we wanted something that stood out from the rest, looked fast and made our Sonic brand the focus with space to add our awesome partners. We went through a few designs until we finally settled on one we liked.

The car would be wrapped just before the French Car Show and Vag Tuner Live 2018 by Sam from Made Motorsports and this would be his first time wrapping a car.

The first thing we really wanted to get rid of was the ridiculously heavy 18” damaged Audi alloys and change them for much lighter 17” Team Dynamic Alloys designed for track / racing cars and because they look better!

We also changed the stock Volkswagen steering wheel to an FIA approved quick release OMP Steering Wheel for better grip and since the stock one was warn out also it looks more like a track / race car.

We will also be using Nankang track day tyres, giving us better grip and performance on track

On the 7th of July 2018 we announced “Project Golf” to the public at the French Car show and VAG Tuner Live Show, this would also be the first time she laid down some rubber on the iconic racing circuit Donington Park with her new look thanks to Made Motorsports.

She only went out for a few laps around Donington park on saturday with drivers David and Michael just to brake her in and she if she could handle the stresses of being out on a race track and she performed extremely well. However, after coming in from a few laps the brakes on the golf got extremely hot with a huge amount of smoke coming off them, the normal road brakes just couldn’t cope with the braking need around Donington park.

We decided to change the brake discs at the track to bigger and better ventilated ones to help with the cooling and performance, however whist trying to bleed the air out one of the bleed nipples broke off meaning we couldn’t get the air out the system leaving us with virtually no brakes, that put an end to our trackday.

Whilst at the French Car show we also welcomed our new partner “RAMAIR Filters” who are specialist in automotive and motorsport air filters and induction kits.

Whilst at the VAG Tuner Live 2018 Milltek Sport came to us asking about our tools and saw our Project Golf and they offered to supply a full Milltek Sport performance exhaust system for it. We couldn’t turn down that, as so Milltek became our fourth partner.

Milltek supplied us with a De Cat Downpipe SSXAU291 and Non-Resonated Cat Back SSXVM052 for our Project Golf.

Once we had the well packaged exhaust system from Milltek Sport delivered. We had one of our main motorsports mechanics come in and install it, he also replaced the master cylinder as the bleed nipple broke when bleeding the brakes at the French Car show.

With the new performance exhaust supplied by Milltek installed in our Project Golf she sounds and looks a thousand times better.

Find out more about Milltek here: http://millteksport.com/

After the first track day at Donington Park we had a dew ideas of what we wanted to do next one of the main things on the list was getting the Golf on a dyno and remapping as luck would have it we received a phone call from the guys at “Yorkshire Remaps” asking about Sonic Equipment as they saw it at the Automechanika show in Frankfurt.

After discussing with them their requirements they wanted an empty S8 Sonic Tool Trolley and would also come down and remap our Golf on site, after Jason finished his remapping magic the golf sounded a lot healthier the Golf was also more responsive and quicker off the mark.

As so we now welcome our 5th project Golf Partner, Yorkshire remaps.

Project Golf Partners

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